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The French Ambassador (Laboulaye) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary: The Chargé d’Affaires of France in the United States had the honor, in conformity with instructions from his Government, to invite the attention of the United States Government, on October 6, 1931,10 to the disadvantages which would result, for French navigation companies, from the passage of a bill which was presented for introduction in the Senate of the United States by Senator King, under the title “Alien Seamen Act of 1931”.11

A bill containing provisions analogous to those of the “Bang bill” was passed by the House of Representatives under the name of the “Dies bill” and transmitted to the Senate which has referred it to the Immigration Committee.

I have the honor to beg Your Excellency to be so kind as to invite the attention of the Federal authorities to the serious prejudice which would be caused to the interest of the French merchant marine by the adoption of the “Dies bill”.

Please accept [etc.]

André de Laboulaye
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