Negotiations with regard to certain intergovernmental debts due the United States 1

1. For previous correspondence, see Foreign Relations, 1933, vol. i, pp. 826 ff.

[The exchanges of correspondence in connection with the semiannual transmission to the interested Missions in Washington of Department of the Treasury statements of amounts due on intergovernmental debts are printed in Department of State, Press Releases, as follows:

  • June 16, 1934, pages 395–404;
  • December 15, 1934, pages 354–372;
  • December 22, 1934, pages 409–413;
  • January 12, 1935, pages 20–23.

See also Annual Report of the Secretary of the Treasury … 1934, page 46, “Obligations of Foreign Governments”, and page 223, “Correspondence exchanged between the Government of the United States and various foreign governments concerning foreign debts owing to the United States”; ibid., 1935, pages 58 and 271.]

[445] The Secretary of State to President Roosevelt


[446] The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Straus)

800.51W89/872: Circular telegram