195 Code/126

The Secretary of State to the Secretary of Commerce (Roper)

My Dear Mr. Secretary: Referring to previous correspondence concerning the suggestion of Mr. Charles S. Haight that an international shipping conference should be held, I quote for your information the following telegram dated March 29, 1934, received from Mr. Haight through the American Embassy at London:

“International shipping agreement. Have made inquiries Hamburg, Copenhagen. Managing Director Hamburg American Line believes Germany would welcome international agreement. President Danish Steamship Owners Association confirmed readiness all Scandinavian countries consider any reasonable plan. Baltic Maritime Conference held Hamburg March 23rd at which British, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Greek owners represented passed strong resolution supporting rationalization27 but expressing view that governments must cooperate and should take initiative and proposing that British Government be invited to call shipping conference at which both governments and private owners should be represented. Have conferred also with Lord Essendon who is strongly of opinion that British Government would welcome approach from our State Department and would be particularly glad if such action could be taken before Baltic Conference resolution needs to be acted upon.”

In a later telegram dated March 29, 1934, Mr. Haight made the following statement:

“Referring my separate message have definite reason believe invitation to hold shipping conference in Washington would be welcomed by British Government.”

Sincerely yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Francis B. Sayre
  1. See the London Times, March 26, 1934, p. 12.