195 Code/107

The Danish Minister (Wadsted) to the Secretary of State

No. 40

Sir: With reference to your note of February 17, 1934 regarding the “Proposed Code of Fair Competition for the Shipping Industry” I have the honor to inform you that, having communicated contents [Page 701] of same to the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs I am now in receipt of a communication to the following effect.

The Danish Government has taken due note that it is not intended that the contemplated code shall contain provisions regarding minimum rates on commerce originating in foreign countries and destined to the United States, and further that it is not intended that provisions regarding wages and working conditions aboard ship and employer relationship with such labor, shall apply to officers and crews of foreign vessels.

The Danish Government must, however, maintain that also as far as trade outgoing from the United States is concerned, inclusion under a Code of foreign (Danish) vessels would be in conflict with treaties and generally recognized principles of international law.

In support hereof I beg to refer to a memorandum elaborated by Messrs. Haight, Smith, Griffin & Deming dated February 18, 1934 of which I take the liberty to enclose a copy.24

Referring to my note of February 12, 1934 I have the honor to request that through your good offices the contents of this note be brought to the attention of the appropriate authority with a view that such Shipping Code as may be approved be so worded as to eliminate foreign (Danish) vessels.

I avail myself [etc.]

Otto Wadsted
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