195 Code/47

The Secretary of State to the Danish Minister (Wadsted)

Sir: Reference is made to the note that you left with me on February 12, 1934, regarding the “Proposed Code of Fair Competition for the Shipping Industry”.

I have brought a copy of your note to the attention of the officials of this Government having the matter in immediate charge, and I am informed that the draft code has not as yet been placed in final form and consequently has not been approved by the National Recovery Administration. I am also informed that, while it is intended that the code in certain respects shall apply to ships flying foreign flags, as, for example, provisions regarding minimum rates on cargoes carried [Page 690] from the United States, it is not intended that these provisions shall apply to commerce originating in foreign countries and destined to the United States; nor is it intended that provisions regarding wages and working conditions aboard ship, and employer relationship with such labor, shall apply to officers and crews of foreign vessels.12

Accept [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Francis B. Sayre
  1. This paragraph was also sent to the Norwegian Minister in a note dated February 19 in reply to the Norwegian note of February 14, p. 685.