561.35E1/46: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Wilson)

14. Your telegram No. 7 and despatch No. 3239, February 7.12 You are directed to address the following letter to Mr. Avenol as Secretary General of the Monetary and Economic Conference:

“The Secretary of State has requested me to inform you that he has received your letter of February 6, 1934,13 and desires me to transmit to you his reply. ‘I have received your letter of February 6, 1934, extending to this Government an invitation to participate in the preparatory meeting to consider the problem of coordinating the production and marketing of sugar. It is noted that the object of this meeting is to “ascertain whether the convening of a subsequent meeting of a wider scope, to which the principal importing and exporting countries concerned would be invited, might facilitate the conclusion of a general agreement for insuring a better organization of the production and marketing of sugar.”

[Page 670]

In the name of the American Government I am pleased to accent this invitation, although I desire to make it perfectly clear that until its policy embracing the areas which supply the domestic market has been developed, the American Government cannot assume any position respecting an international agreement.

It is noted that in case it is decided to convene a meeting of wider scope, the principal importing as well as exporting nations will be invited.

This Government will be represented at the conference to be held at London, March 5, next, by Mr. Ray Atherton, Chairman, Chargé d’Affaires, American Embassy, London; Major General Frank Mclntyre, Philippine Trade Commissioner in the United States, and Mr. Edward A. Foley, Agricultural Attaché, Embassy, London.[’]”

  1. Neither printed.
  2. See telegram supra.