800.51W89 Yugoslavia/161

The Secretary of State to the Yugoslav Chargé (Stoianovitch)

Sir: I am requested by the Secretary of the Treasury to transmit to you a statement of the amounts due from your Government June 15, 1932, June 15, 1933, and June 15, 1934, under the provisions of the Debt Agreement of May 3, 1926,75 and to advise you that payment may be made either at the Treasury in Washington or at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.76

Statement of Amounts Due From the Government of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia June 15, 1932, June 15, 1933 and June 15, 1934

Amount due June 15, 1932:
Principal of bond No. 7 due June 15, 1932 $250,000.00
Amount due June 15, 1933:
Principal of bond No. 8 due June 15, 1933 275,000.00
Amount due June 15, 1934:
Principal of bond No. 9 due June 15, 1934 300,000.00

Accept [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
William Phillips
  1. Combined Annual Reports of the World War Foreign Debt Commission, 1922–1926, p. 280.
  2. No reply from the Yugoslav Government has been found in the Department files.