800.51W89 Italy/255

Memorandum by the Under Secretary of State (Phillips)

The Italian Ambassador60 called to say that he had received cabled instructions to make certain inquiries in the State Department with respect to the application of the Johnson Act;61 he said he did not know why his Government had telegraphed him because he had given the information requested. The Ambassador said, however, that it was evident that his Government was still considering some sort of payment on account; he asked what would be our reply if on June 15th next the Italian Government made the same payment which it had made on the last two pay days, roughly $1,000,000. In particular he wished to know whether we would receive it without any comment. I said that I would endeavor to answer his question today.62

William Phillips

[See also Department of State, Press Releases, June 16, 1934, page 400; ibid., December 15, 1934, page 366.]

  1. Augusto Rosso.
  2. 48 Stat. 574; for correspondence on this subject, see ante, pp. 525 ff.
  3. Marginal note in the original: “I called up the President and advised Rosso that we would send him a polite acknowledgment on receipt of the check (should he send one) and would receive the funds. W[illiam] P[hillips]”