500.A15A4 General Committee/969: Telegram

The Chairman of the American Delegation (Davis) to the Secretary of State

886. My 885, June 8, noon. The following is the text of the resolution to be submitted by the French and British delegations.

The General Commission

Taking into consideration the resolutions submitted to it by the Delegations of the six powers, the Turkish Delegation and the Delegation of the U. S. S. R. respectively—

Taking account of the clarification of its work resulting from the French memorandum of January 1st, 1934, the Italian memorandum of January 4, 1934, the United Kingdom memorandum of January 29, 1934, and the German declaration of April 16, 1934—

Convinced of the necessity of the Conference continuing its work with a view to arriving at a general convention for the reduction and limitation of armaments—

Resolved to continue without delay the investigations already undertaken—


Invites the Bureau to seek by whatever means it deems appropriate and with a view to the general acceptance of a Disarmament Convention a solution of the outstanding problems, without prejudice to the private conversations on which governments will desire to enter in order to facilitate the attainment of final success by the return of Germany to the Conference.


Having regard to the peculiar importance presented by the study and solution of certain problems to which attention was drawn at the beginning of the general discussion,

Takes the following decisions

1. security

Since the results of the earlier work of the Conference have enabled certain regional security agreements to be concluded in Europe during the past year the General Commission decides to appoint a special committee to conduct such preliminary studies as it may consider appropriate in order to facilitate the conclusion of further agreements of the same nature which may be negotiated outside the Conference. It would be possible for the General Commission to determine the relationship if any of these agreements to the general convention.
The General Commission decides to appoint a special committee to study the question of guarantees of execution, and to resume the work relating to supervision.
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2. air forces

The General Commission instructs its air committee to resume forthwith the study of the questions mentioned in its resolution of July 23, 1932,15 under the heading “1. Air Forces.” (Note: Text of resolution of July 23rd under heading “air forces” to be inserted.)

3. manufacture of and trade in arms

The General Commission requests its special committee on questions relating to the manufacture of and trade in arms to resume its work forthwith and, in the light of the statements made by the United States Delegate at the meeting of May 30, 1934, to report to it as early as possible on the solutions it recommends.

These committees will carry on their work on parallel lines and it will be coordinated by the Bureau.


The General Commission leaves it to the Bureau to take the necessary steps at the proper time to ensure that when the President convenes the General Commission it will have before it as far as possible a complete draft convention.


Recognizing that the proposal of the U.S.S.R. Delegate—that the Conference be declared a permanent institution under the title of the “Peace Conference”—calls for careful study, the General Commission requests the President to submit that proposal (Conference Document C. G. 163) to the Governments.”