338.1121 Zrike Bros. and Johnson/73: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Haiti ( Armour )

51. Department is in receipt from Senator Walsh of complaint by Johnson that he has been discriminated against in favor of Zrike Brothers through the latter’s release from imprisonment while Johnson is still confined.

Conditions outlined in Department’s 24, April 11, 1[11] a.m., for its waiver of Johnson’s immunity were designed to insure that Johnson should not be given worse treatment than Zrike Brothers and therefore it is considered that he should be released upon reasonable bail, which release appears to be practicable under Haitian law as appears from your despatch 87, June 26.

You will so represent matter to appropriate authorities.

Johnson also says that two Haitians who were implicated with the Zrikes were released without any payment. If your information confirms this statement, you may use this as a further argument for Johnson’s release.

It is desired that you earnestly endeavor obtain Johnson’s release on bail or with provisional liberty, the latter upon condition that he makes reasonable settlement.