1. The Compañía de Salitre de Chile (Cosach) was organized under a special law passed by the Chilean Congress July 21, 1930, and certain decrees with the force of law issued by President Ibañez in 1931; the two principal subsidiaries were the Lautaro Nitrate Co., Ltd., and the Compañía Salitrera Anglo-Chileno. For previous correspondence regarding Cosach, see Foreign Relations, 1932, vol. v, pp. 430505 passim.

    For texts of pertinent Chilean decrees, reports, etc., issued in 1933, and the debates of the Chilean Congress during 1933 on the project of law for the reorganization of the nitrate industry, see Chile, Ministerio de Hacienda, La Industria del Salitre de Chile (Santiago, Chile, 1935), 3 vols.