838.51/2625: Telegram

The Chargé in Haiti (Heath) to the Secretary of State

40. The Haitian Minister of Finance intends to re-submit to the Legislature the permanent finance law drafted by the Financial Adviser and transmitted to the Department in the Legation’s despatch No. 483 of August 29, 1932.86 The Minister, however, proposes to omit the special article 36 which confirms the powers of the Financial Adviser now exercised by virtue of the Treaty of 191587 and existing accords until the “liquidation” of those instruments. He says that it would be impossible to get the Legislature to vote this article but that the Government will confirm these powers in a note to the Legation employing the same language as that of the article in question.

I recommend that the Financial Adviser be authorized to approve this law upon the condition that the Haitian Government will confirm in writing the powers mentioned in article 36.

Please instruct by cable since the budget, of which the finance law forms a part, is to be submitted to the Legislature in accordance with the constitution early next week.