832.5151/164: Telegram

The American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil to President Roosevelt

During past 2 months exchange allotted American imports has been constantly reduced, now practically nil, creating an intolerable condition, threatening very existence American trade here without prospect relief even though American purchases from Brazil 3 times as large as sales, furnishing Brazil large favorable balance which is being unjustly diverted to other countries. American companies and exporters are being compelled to discontinue shipments which will soon result closing American branch houses and practically annihilate already diminished American exports. Consequently we urgently and strongly recommend our Government insist with Brazilian delegation en route Washington that delegation cable Government here for immediate relief. While this Chamber strongly favors reciprocal commercial treaty, this will probably require many months negotiation. In meantime exchange problem is paramount issue requiring urgent solution and should precede other negotiations. Present opportunity must be used to insist that Brazilian Government immediately furnish [Page 44] exchange for (1) recent unpaid shipments, (2) new current requirements, (3) frozen funds.


American Chamber Commerce, Brazil