Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Caffery)

The Chilean Chargé d’Affaires ad interim came to see me this afternoon to say that he had instructions from his Government to pass on to the President and the Secretary of State his Government’s thanks and high appreciation for the President’s action in informing the Chilean representative here of our point of view in regard to the Cuban situation. Mr. Cohen added (as we already know) that his Government approved of the Mexican suggestion. However, it had made the added suggestion that not only the ABCM powers be asked to participate in the informal representations at Habana, but that every Latin American country be included. Mr. Cohen gave me to understand that he doubted whether this were practicable, there being too many divergent points of view among the nineteen Latin American Governments represented here,—it does not seem possible that they could all agree on a definite course of action at Habana.

Mr. Cohen then said, “well, in any event, I think that considerable good has been accomplished; the Cubans know how we, that is at least the Mexicans and ourselves, feel about the matter and, doubtless, this will have a salutary effect on their activities”.

J[efferson] C[affery]