611.41D6 Liquor/2

Memorandum by the Acting Secretary of State of a Conversation With the Irish Minister (MacWhite)

The Irish Minister seemed considerably disturbed over the allotment of 50,000 which has been given to the importation into the United States of Irish whiskey. He admitted that after conversation with Mr. Miller the latter had raised the allotment from 15,000 to 50,000. However, the Minister had seen in the morning papers that the allotment given to Great Britain was something well over 600,000. If this was based on the 1910–1914 average, he felt certain, though he had no information to prove it, that this figure would have included during those years exportations from Ireland. In the circumstances, he was not satisfied with 50,000 for Ireland and said that, if the figure could not be raised, he would have to enter a most definite protest. I told the Minister that I knew nothing about the allotment of 50,000 to Ireland but would look into it and see if anything could be done.

W[illiam] P[hillips]