The Canadian Minister (Herridge) to the Secretary of State

No. 53

Sir: I have the honour to refer to your note of even date herewith, concerning the Chicago diversion as affected by the provisions of the St. Lawrence Deep Waterway Treaty.

It appears that in the present circumstances it is possible that the sewage disposal program will not be completed within the time limit set forth in Article VIII (a) of the Treaty. Accordingly, insistence upon the strict application of that clause might imperil the public health of the City of Chicago.

In view of these considerations, I am authorized to inform you that if such a situation arises, the Canadian Government agrees, upon request of the Government of the United States, to give its acquiescence to an extension of the above-mentioned time limit for a period not exceeding two years upon the understanding that such agreement and acquiescence will not in any way affect or modify the provisions of the Treaty.

I have [etc.]

W. D. Herridge