882.01 Winship Mission/55: Telegram

The Special Commissioner for Liberia (Winship) to the Secretary of State

38. My telegram No. 37, April 12, 4 p.m. Lyle saw Barclay on April 13 giving him the Finance Corporation proposals. He returned on April 17 and received Liberian “counterproposals”, which are little more than a restatement of the Liberian unilateral actions taken since last December.

I called on Barclay today and informed him that I did not consider these counterproposals as being in any way satisfactory, and I inquired whether he desired me to understand that they were final. He replied that they were intended to represent a point of departure for further discussions with Lyle which he urged be held without delay.

Lyle himself was to have conferred with Barclay again today, but was prevented by instructions from his principals. If these discussions are to be either productive or expeditious it is essential that Lyle have sufficient latitude so that he himself can be the judge of when he should talk with the administration. Moreover, I believe that a definite development one way or the other can quickly be obtained in this manner and that Firestone interests can best be served.

I should appreciate it if you would inform Firestones to this effect adding that I feel that several days are being lost by this useless maneuver.

I shall report again when Lyle’s discussions here have reached a definite point.