882.01 Winship Mission/20: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Liberia (Mitchell)

14. Department’s telegram 13, February 21, 2 p.m.32 After consultation with the incoming administration concerning the situation which has arisen in Liberia, the President has designated Major General Blanton Winship, United States Army, at present in Washington, to be Representative of the President of the United States on Special Mission to Liberia, and Mr. Ellis O. Briggs, a diplomatic officer at present on duty in the Department, to accompany him. They will sail via England on March 1 and should reach Monrovia about March 27.33

We are informing the Liberian Consul General in Baltimore and requesting him to communicate the above information by telegraph to Monrovia. The information is not confidential and a press release concerning the matter is being issued tomorrow34

An instruction follows concerning your departure.

  1. Not printed.
  2. The Special Commissioner and Mr. Briggs arrived in Monrovia on March 28.
  3. Department of State, Press Releases, March 4, 1933. p. 150.