The Secretary of State to the Minister in Canada (Robbins)

No. 86

Sir: Referring to the Department’s telegram No. 62 dated October 7, 1933,52 the case of Elmer Giller alias George Lane alias George Giller alias John O’Brien, I enclose a copy of a letter dated October 10, 1933, received from the Attorney General of the United States in which he expresses his views concerning the treatment of this convict as follows:

“The treatment being given to this convict, as described by the American Consul consists, in the opinion of our Bureau of Prisons, of solitary confinement. On the statement of the Consul that this situation has existed for more than two years, representing a longer period of isolation than has ever been given by the Canadian Government before, and on his further representation that O’Brien seems to be deteriorating physically and mentally, it would seem justifiable for your Department to communicate with the authorities at Ottawa, expressing the interest of the Federal Government in this matter. While being careful not to express any opinion as to the administration of the Canadian prisons, nevertheless, the suggestion might be made that the Canadian Government inquire carefully into this case and ascertain whether or not this prisoner has been justly dealt with and his treatment free from discrimination.”

You are instructed to renew your representations with regard to this case in accordance with the suggestion contained in the last sentence quoted from the Attorney General’s letter.

Please advise the Department fully concerning the action taken by you in this case and the result thereof.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Harry F. Payer
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