The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Canada (Boal)

No. 1020

Sir: Referring to the Department’s instruction No. 981, dated June 12, 1933, concerning the case of George Giller, alias John O’Brien, now imprisoned in the Kingston Penitentiary, the Department encloses copies of despatches Nos. 198 and 199, dated June 16, 1933,47 received from the American Consul at Kingston, Ontario, dealing with this case. You will observe that despatch No. 199 is to be treated as confidential.

On page six of the Consul’s despatch No. 198, he suggests that it would be desirable to have you approach the Minister of Justice with the object of obtaining recognition of the right of the Consul to interview persons, without obtaining special authorization from the authorities at Ottawa for each visit. As it is believed that such special authorization for each visit to American citizens who are prisoners should not be required as it is the general practice of States to grant foreign consular officers the privilege of visiting their nationals who are imprisoned, you are requested to discuss this matter with the Minister of Justice with a view to having instructions issued that will avoid the necessity of a reference of each request for a visit to the authorities at Ottawa.

Please submit a report setting forth the result of your inquiries concerning this matter.

Very truly yours,

William Phillips
  1. Neither printed.