The Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs (Hornbeck) to the Secretary of State

Mr. Secretary: In the three telegrams here attached27 it is clearly indicated that, on the one hand, in Russia the effort is being made to cultivate the impression that the conversations between the President and Litvinoff will have an important bearing upon matters of Far Eastern policy; and, on the other hand, in Japan there is considerable uneasiness on the assumption that such will be the case.

Inasmuch as the Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs appears to be endeavoring sincerely to cultivate among his own people friendliness toward and a feeling of confidence with regard to the United States, it is believed that consideration should be given to ways and means, if possible, of reassuring the Japanese, that is of definitely combating the growth of any impression that the forthcoming conversations between American and Russian representatives are in part motivated by and [Page 802] will in part relate to problems in the Far East which have arisen in consequence of Japanese policy and action.

S[tanley] K. H[ornbeck]
  1. Telegrams Nos. 163, 166, and 41 of October 23 and 24, pp. 796, 797, and 798.