The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Canada (Boal)

No. 981

Sir: The American Consul at Kingston, Ontario, has forwarded to the Department a copy of his report addressed to you on May 19, 1933, concerning the case of John O’Brien, an American citizen who is now a convict in the Kingston Penitentiary. It is noted that the Consul states that “O’Brien has been kept in solitary confinement for almost two years without a trial and only on the evidence of a letter from another convict.” Consul Fuller has recently called at the Department while on leave and has reported that he has received permission to visit O’Brien in the penitentiary. He has been requested to submit a full report with regard to the information obtained during his interview with O’Brien.

You are requested to advise the Department whether the Canadian Department of Justice has investigated this case and, if so, what conclusions have been reached with regard to it.

A copy of an instruction that is being addressed to the American Consul at Kingston concerning O’Brien’s case is enclosed for your information.45

Very truly yours,

William Phillips
  1. Infra.