352.1121 Blodgett, Walton/7: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Bowers) to the Acting Secretary of State

38. Your telegram No. 27, June 28, 5 p.m.33 On June 17th on receipt of the first communication from … and in conformity with request therein I handed Foreign Minister an urgent note requesting provisional release of all five prisoners and if not at once possible, the immediate release of … owing to signed statement of other four that he was in no way involved and of Mrs.… because of her sex. During conversation I urged Minister to press for speedy and favorable action; I acted immediately on learning of incident. Parties failed to notify Consul Barcelona until 6 days after incarceration.

This request has been supported by Embassy’s subsequent oral representations all of which I am informed were communicated to Ministry of War, since this is unfortunately a case for courts martial as in that of … (see despatch No. 785 of July 27, 1932).33 Foreign Office has received no word from Ministry of War other than case is receiving attention.

Yesterday I requested appointment with Foreign Minister to discuss this and other matters which has been granted for this evening.

Please inform Congressman Lamneck of Ohio reference his telegram to me June 28th on behalf of …

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