811.111 Quota 71A/45a

The Assistant Secretary of State (Carr) to the Rumanian Minister (Davila)

My Dear Mr. Minister: I enclose three copies of the President’s Proclamation No. 2048 of June 16, 1933,33 establishing immigration quotas for the year beginning July 1, 1933.

As you will observe this Proclamation omits any reference to Bessarabia. The effect of this omission is to abolish the Bessarabian quota established under Executive Order No. 1952 [Proclamation No. 1953] of June 19, 1931.34 The Bessarabian quota area has been included within the Rumanian quota area and, as you will note upon comparing the new order with that of June 19, 1931, the Rumanian quota has been increased from 295 to 377.

I am [etc.]

Wilbur J. Carr
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