Executive Agreement Series No. 52


The Norwegian Minister (Bachke) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the note of October 16, 1933 in which Your Excellency communicated to me the text of the reciprocal arrangement between Norway and the United States of America providing for the acceptance by the one country of certificates of airworthiness for aircraft exported from the other country as merchandise, as understood by Your Excellency to have been agreed to during the negotiations, now terminated, between the two countries.

The text communicated to me by Your Excellency is reproduced below:

[Here follows text of arrangement printed supra.]

I am glad to assure Your Excellency that the foregoing text is what has been accepted by my Government in the course of the negotiations and is approved by it.

In accordance with the suggestion of Your Excellency it is understood that the arrangement will come into force on November 15, 1933.

Accept [etc.]

H. H. Bachke