251.11 Insull, Samuel/217: Telegram

The Minister in Greece (MacVeagh) to the Acting Secretary of State

116. The. Foreign Minister asked me to see him last evening and in a long informal conversation requested me to lay the following before the Secretary of State personally conveying at the same time his regards and remembrances: Greece would like to expel the fugitive but cannot legally expel him to any particular country. It is probable that any country he might choose would refuse to accept him and that he would be accepted only where he would be sure to be evicted. The Foreign Minister stresses his anxiety on this point, representing the fugitive as not only possessing numerous friends in Greece who regard him as a pot of gold but as having the support of two court decisions, and he points out the difficult political position facing his Government should the fugitive complain that his expulsion under the conditions outlined was a virtual turning over to the United States authorities. He asks the [Page 568] Secretary to consider his quandary and advise what the United States can do to facilitate expulsion by providing passport good for contiguous and other countries and assuring fugitive’s acceptability therein.