251.11 Insull, Samuel/83: Telegram

The Chargé in Greece (Morris) to the Secretary of State

155. Yesterday evening Greek court rejected request for extradition of Insull and set him at liberty. I have requested and expect, in about a week, an official statement from Foreign Office with complete record of hearing. In the meantime unofficial evidence indicates court violated both spirit and letter of treaty in passing upon actual substance of the indictments and in pronouncing that the proofs submitted do not constitute a crime under American law.

Affidavits made by Floyd Thompson,24 Oliver McCormick25 and E. Davis,26 expressing their personal opinion that Insull did not intend to commit a crime but carried out the money transfers as a normal business transaction in the interest of his companies, were introduced by the defense attorneys without opportunity of examination or challenge by prosecutor or states attorneys and accepted as weighty evidence. Illinois state’s attorneys Bellows and Vlachos were present but were not allowed to speak or even to present rebuttal to defense through Greek prosecutor. Inform state’s attorney Chicago that Bellows is leaving Athens for Chicago today and that Vlachos is remaining a short time to assist Legation in preparing a report on the extradition proceedings.

  1. Floyd E. Thompson, lawyer and authority on criminal procedure.
  2. Oliver E. McCormick, former vice-president and treasurer of the Middle West Utilities Co. and treasurer of the Mississippi Valley Investment Co.
  3. Edwin A. Davis, former assistant general manager and inspector of the Middle West Utilities Co.