662.116/158: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Dodd) to the Secretary of State

145. From the commercial attaché for commerce. 13. Yugoslavia granted import quota 8,000 tons prunes in sacks at 10 marks per hundred kilos besides duty free contingent prunes for prune pulp equal 65% German manufacturers requirements. United States officially assured of equal quota.

Consulate informed by Reich Ministries of Finance and Agriculture that no details of allocation have yet been worked out which would seem to imply “first come first served.” These Ministries indicate that dealers who have imported but not yet disposed of prunes entered at the rate of 30 marks per hundred kilos might submit through local customs offices petitions for remission of duty above 10 marks; quantities on which duty by [is?] thus being remitted would, of course, be charged against American contingent.

Reich Finance Ministry further states that for the United States to obtain benefit of this new rate the Embassy must address to that Ministry through the Foreign Office a letter requesting the application of the new duty rate and designating a port of entry at which American prune shipments shall be entered. The same Ministry suggests that only one port of entry be named and that Hamburg should be that port.