Memorandum by Mr. R. E. Schoenfeld, of the Division of Western European Affairs

I telephoned Admiral Cone this afternoon to tell him that a recent telegram from the Embassy in Berlin12 indicated that the problem of the use of registered reichsmarks for the purchase of transatlantic steamship accommodations on German lines appeared to have been satisfactorily settled. I explained that the Embassy did not have official confirmation of this but concluded that it was so from the fact that the Paris edition of the Chicago Tribune reported a telephone order from Berlin to the representatives of German lines in Paris directing that they cease accepting registered marks for transatlantic passage and from the further fact that the London office of the United States Lines had ceased their daily communication with the Embassy on this question.

I explained that I wanted to check up with him regarding his information on this matter so that if the question were not definitely settled we could work out a plan for further action.

Admiral Cone told me that the Shipping Board had had reports from its agents that the matter was settled and that the Conference had even assessed some damages against the German lines.

R. E. Schoenfeld
  1. Not printed.