862.51/3711: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Dodd) to the Secretary of State

173. Your 121, October 6, 6 p.m. Following information has just been furnished confidentially by Reichsbank.

Long-term bond investment $1,090,000,000; other long-term investment $179,000,000; short-term included in the Standstill $318,000,000; short-term not included in Standstill $201,000,000.

Long-term debts are those falling due in March 1934 or later. Shortterm debts are those falling due through February 1934.

The above-mentioned figures are stated to have been calculated at the rate prevailing on February 28, 1933 which is the date of last official investigation except for short-term Standstill figure above, which is computed as of August 31, 1933, but at February rate.

The Reichsbank states it does not have complete material at hand regarding the desired subdivisions of available blocked mark accounts but has furnished the following figures in dollars as of February 28, 1933, at the rate of that day: old reichsmark credit balances 3,300,000; credit balance from security proceeds 1,200,000; other credit balance 4,800,000.

Registered credit balances of American creditors under the German credit Standstill Agreement of 1933 amounted to 72,000,000 marks on August 31 of which 68,000,000 have been used leaving an available balance of 4,000,000.

On September 30, 1933, payments into the conversion institute for the account of American creditors of non-transferable interest had amounted to 30,000,000 reichsmarks.

So far as the Embassy has been able to check the figures furnished with estimates thus far made by American bankers here they appear to be substantially accurate. Full report by mail.