Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs (Moffat)

I telephoned Dr. Leitner at 11:30 to say that I had given Mr. Phillips a full report of his conversation with me this morning about Mr. Edgar A. Mowrer. Mr. Phillips had now asked me to telephone informally to say that he had given his request careful consideration but had reached the conclusion that it would not be appropriate to approach the Chicago Daily News as asked.

Dr. Leitner was clearly disappointed and said it would undoubtedly make trouble and wished to know whether Mr. Phillips had reached his decision because of or in spite of the fact that the paper had already transferred Mowrer to Tokyo. I replied that Mr. Phillips had not outlined his reasons. Leitner reiterated that it was too bad as undoubtedly difficulties would now arise.

Pierrepont Moffat