362.1113/4a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Dodd)

110. Your 139, September 4. German Embassy officials absent from Washington today. Tomorrow I shall make oral representations to the German Chargé d’Affaires as follows:

“I have just received a report from the American Embassy in Berlin that two more Americans have been subjected to unprovoked attack by Nazi adherents. There have been so many attacks upon Americans in Germany, that these two additional unprovoked attacks cause me great concern, and brought me down to the Department yesterday to consider what we wish to do about it. The American Consul General in Berlin has already made representations and the American Embassy may take it up formally by note. After carefully weighing the matter I decided to bring you down today to speak to you frankly and unofficially with the hope that you can induce your Government to note the effects on public and Government opinion in this country of continued and unprovoked assaults on our citizens who are your guests. I need not today be specific, but tell you frankly that my best information is that there have been attacks where police were present, witnesses, and were indisposed to take action against the guilty. My reports show that culprits [Page 389] who are known or could easily be identified have not been punished, prosecuted, or even apprehended with any sort of diligence. I hope you can induce your Government immediately to take strong action in the premises. I think you will agree that the continuance of these assaults on American citizens will very soon compel this Government to make formal, vigorous and open protest to the German Government.”

I suggest the advisability of your handling the substance of the foregoing orally at such time and under such circumstances as your judgment may suggest.