548.D1/2: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

208. De Graaf, Dutch Minister for Foreign Affairs, asked me to call and informed me that he will bring before the Assembly tomorrow a resolution proposing that the Council study the problem of German refugees in foreign countries. He informed me that his country has some 7,000 refugees, many Jewish, some of education and standing; France about 30,000; Switzerland 4,000; Czechoslovakia and Poland unknown numbers. The problem presents to them a serious one, economically and socially, which can only be settled by international cooperation.

De Graaf spoke to Neurath20 about his intentions and found the latter bitterly opposed since he claimed these refugees had not been expelled from the country but had left of their own free will and could return at any time. De Graaf pointed out that this might be the theory but was certainly not the practice. Subsequently Neurath said that he would not oppose the resolution but would remain indifferent to it. Belgium, France, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia have promised their adherence.

DeGraaf hoped that I would put this information before you so that the action he was taking might have, if possible, a sympathetic reception in the United States.

  1. Constantine von Neurath, German Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.