862.4016/283a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Germany (Gordon)

36. Reports received from Berlin this morning to the effect that there is or will be some form of Government support of the boycott of the Jews in Germany, have caused such anxiety in America that it seems desirable for you to have a conversation with von Neurath on the whole subject. You should make it clear that it is not the purpose of this Government to interfere in any way in matters which are essentially the domestic concern of Germany. The situation which is now developing, however, certainly without the intention of the German Government, has assumed an international aspect. I am informed that a retaliatory boycott is even now under serious consideration in certain American cities. More important, however, the German Government should appreciate that the human element involved in the situation is such that the friendship of the people of the two countries might not remain unaffected. You may express to the Minister of Foreign Affairs my deep concern and ask him whether, in his opinion, there is anything which the two governments might do either jointly or separately to alleviate the situation.