362.4015/115: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Germany (Gordon)

33. Your 47, March 25, 3 p.m. The Department is today releasing for Monday morning newspapers appearing after 7 p.m., Eastern Standard Time tonight, the following telegram sent by the Secretary of State to Rabbi Stephen Wise and to Cyrus Adler.

“You will remember that at the time of your recent call at the Department I informed you that in view of numerous press statements indicating wide-spread mistreatment of the Jews in Germany, I would request the American Embassy at Berlin in consultation with the principal consulates in Germany to investigate the situation and submit a report.

“A reply has now been received indicating that whereas there was for a short time considerable physical mistreatment of Jews, this phase may be considered virtually terminated. There was also some picketing of Jewish merchandising stores and instances of professional discrimination. These manifestations were viewed with serious concern by the German Government.

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“Hitler in his capacity as leader of the Nazi party issued an order calling upon his followers to maintain law and order, to avoid molesting foreigners, disrupting trade, and to avoid the creation of possibly embarrassing international incidents. Later, von Papen delivered a speech at Breslau in which he not only reiterated Hitler’s appeals for discipline but abjured the victors of the last election not to spoil their triumph by unworthy acts of revenge and violence which could only bring discredit upon the new regime in foreign countries. As a result, the Embassy reports that the authority of the regular police has been reenforced.

“The feeling has been widespread in Germany that following so farreaching a political readjustment as has recently taken place, some time must elapse before a state of equilibrium could be reestablished. In the opinion of the Embassy such a stabilization appears to have been reached in the field of personal mistreatment, and there are indications that in other phases the situation is improving.

“I feel hopeful in view of the reported attitude of high German officials and the evidences of amelioration already indicated, that the situation, which has caused such widespread concern throughout this country, will soon revert to normal. Meanwhile I shall continue to watch the situation closely, with a sympathetic interest and with a desire to be helpful in whatever way possible.”