825.00 Revolutions/64: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Culbertson) to the Secretary of State

51. The Junta2 consists of General Arturo Puga, Carlos Dávila and Eugenio Matte. Last named has been for 2 years head of the Masonic Order. First named is Minister of the Interior. Grove is Minister of War. Other Ministers little known.

Junta arrived at Moneda about 7 p.m. yesterday. Grove declared that they had support of the armed forces and that they had come to replace Montero’s government by a socialist republic. Montero called chief of the Santiago garrison who informed him that the troops were not disposed to cooperate with the Government. Montero then said that nothing remained but for him to retire. He did not resign and therefore remains constitutional President of Chile.

The Junta established itself by force, troops having occupied [Page 432]Moneda before the arrival of the revolutionists. Junta states that it will respect the Constitution “insofar as it may be compatible with the new order of things.”

The declarations of the Junta have stunned and frightened the propertied classes. The American executives are meeting with me at the Embassy this afternoon.

  1. The Junta de Gobierno decreed its establishment on June 4.