825.00 Revolutions/68: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Culbertson) to the Secretary of State

49. Aeroplanes of revolutionists made a propaganda flight over center of city at noon and made threats to drop bombs unless Montero resigns. The text of the demand made by revolutionists reads as follows:

  • “1. Immediate resignation of Señor Montero and transfer of power to revolutionary junta composed of General Puga, Eugenio Matte and Carlos Dávila with the purpose of establishing the Socialist Republic of Chile.
  • 2. We promise to respect the person of the President of the Republic and family, to render the honors due him and to guarantee at all times his complete security.”

Minister of Hacienda has just called to see me at the Embassy and stated in substance the following:

“That all the aviation forces are in revolt; that infantry school [Page 431]near the military aviation field has joined revolutionists; that carabineros are loyal and desire to fight but have limited amount of ammunition; that Army in and around Santiago is loyal but reluctant to fight; that the Government is organizing civil guard and will have 3,000 under arms by night; that general sentiment of the country is with the Government.”

These statements are, in general, confirmed from other sources with the exception of the one concerning the loyalty of the Army.

Alessandri was at the Moneda this afternoon and has left for military aviation field apparently with the object of establishing peace. Later reports say his mission failed and that revolutionists are moving toward city.

Professional classes have threatened general strike in case junta is established. Montero declares that he will not resign and will remain in the Moneda.

Attack was made this morning on a gasoline pump and the carabineros killed four of the attacking party. A number of street cars of the American company were stoned this morning and all tramway service has been suspended. Otherwise no American interests have suffered thus far.

The Diplomatic Corps is meeting at 5 o’clock to discuss the situation. Situation is critical.