825.00 Revolutions/66: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Culbertson) to the Secretary of State

53. The following is program of immediate action given out by the Junta about an hour ago:

  • “1. The assumption by the Junta and its ministry of the entire public power.
  • 2. The dissolution of the National Congress.
  • 3. The organization of a Committee of Subsistence Control, with requisitioning and such other powers as are necessary to assure the provisioning of the people. Distribution of foodstuffs, using among others those of the Army.
  • 4. Increase in the surtax on incomes greater than 36,000 pesos a year, and of the additional tax on Chileans abroad.
  • 5. The immediate assignment of the fiscal farms, of those belonging to persons who are indebted to credit institutions and of those which are unproductive because of lack of exploitation, for the colonization with the unemployed, establishing collective colonization with unemployed, under the technical direction of the state.
  • 6. The suspension of ejections of small lessees behind in their rents and the immediate occupation of vacant houses.
  • 7. The pardon of the sailors condemned for the happenings at Coquimbo and Talcahuano and all others on trial and convicted for political crimes and the repeal of the law of Internal Safety of the State.3
  • 8. The immediate opening of the nitrate of Icinas that use the Shanks process and other low-cost production methods.
  • 9. The immediate liquidation or reorganization of Cosach.4
  • 10. The monopoly of gold for account of the State and its exploitation to obtain 30 kilos per day.
  • 11. The monopoly of iodine and soon of gasoline, matches, tobacco, alcohol and sugar.
  • 12. The organization of production until the “dumping” of nitrate and iodine is obtained.
  • 13. The extension by the State of commerce abroad.
  • 14. The progressive and constant increase of the socialization of credit.
  • 15. The organization of the Commercial House of the State annexed to the railways for the purchase and sale of the articles of prime necessity.
  • 16. The reorganization of the diplomatic and consular service in order to adapt to the necessities of foreign commerce.
  • 17. The reorganization, selection and reduction of the armed forces.
  • 18. The abolition of the import duty on Argentine livestock, wheat and raw materials for the use of national industries which manufacture food products.
  • 19. Looking into the establishment of an operating Constituent Assembly which will draft a new fundamental State Constitution.”

Please repeat all telegrams to War and Navy.

  1. See Foreign Relations, 1931, vol. i, pp. 901 ff.
  2. Compañia de Salitre de Chile (“Cosach”), Nitrate Corporation of Chile.