714.1515/1291: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Guatemala (Whitehouse) 24

31. After consultation with Guatemalan and Honduran Governments the Guatemala-Honduras Special Boundary Tribunal has arranged to have surveys made in certain portions of the disputed territory. Mr. Sidney H. Birdseye and his assistant, Mr. Vincent Hanrahan, sailing respectively from New York July 15 and New Orleans July 20, expect to meet at Puerto Barrios on July 25 in order to enter upon this work. Arrangements are now being made with the United States War Department for an airplane to make an aerial survey in territory designated by the Special Boundary Tribunal, the plane to arrive from the Canal Zone at the scene of the survey probably about August 1.

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The Department desires that all appropriate assistance be rendered to the members of the survey party consistent with your official duties, and that their official communications be transmitted in the pouch. Please repeat this instruction to the Consulate at Puerto Barrios.

  1. A similar telegram was sent to the Minister in Honduras with the added instruction to repeat also to the Consulates at Puerto Cortes and Tela.