The Chief of Staff of the United States Army (MacArthur) to the Secretary of State

My dear Mr. Secretary: At the request of the Secretary of War,25 receipt is acknowledged of your letter of July 8th,26 wherein you request the cooperation of the War Department in accomplishing an aerial photographic project of an area on the Guatemala-Honduras boundary for the Guatemala-Honduras Special Boundary Tribunal.

The project indicated can be accomplished by the Army Air Corps, provided the Air Corps is reimbursed for the cost of making the photographs, such cost to be confined to the actual cost of gasoline, oil, film, paper, chemicals, the labor performed in developing the photographic negatives and the printing of copies of photographs, and the per diem expenses of the personnel as authorized by law, together with such incidental expenses as care and minor repairs to airplane and transportation of personnel to and from project.

It is desired that the Department of State secure the necessary authorization for Army personnel and airplane with aerial photographic equipment, to pass through Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

Sincerely yours,

Douglas MacArthur
  1. Patrick J. Hurley.
  2. Not printed.