863.4061 All Quiet/19: Telegram

The Minister in Austria (Stockton) to the Secretary of State

11. Referring to my despatch No. 412, November 7th2 and previous correspondence, Foreign Office has advised me formally that the Ministerial Council, much to its regret, had again to decide against removing ban on film “All Quiet on the Western Front” in view of representations of Minister of the Interior that public exhibition might be seized upon as a pretext for further disturbances and that dire financial straits of Austrian Government would not justify the expenditure for necessary police protection. Schober who has been helpful in every way possible was never apprehensive that police would not be able to cope with any situation which might arise, but in my opinion he has been recently influenced by the heavy expenses which might result.

Austrian Government’s policy in connection with this film has been hesitant and uncertain. In November I was led to believe that film would be released in the near future but the Government has recently reversed its position.

I have negotiated concerning this matter for nearly a year and am now at the end of my rope.