The Secretary of State to the Minister in Canada (MacNider)

No. 552

Sir: The Department has received a proposal from the War Department that an effort be made to obtain blanket permission from the Canadian Government for a period of one year from July 1, 1932, for United States Army aircraft to fly over Canadian territory in making flights from Selfridge Field, Mount Clemens, Michigan, to Cleveland, Ohio, or Buffalo, New York.

The communication received from the War Department states:

“It has been found necessary in the routing work of the Army Air Corps to make frequent flights from Selfridge Field, Mount Clemens, Michigan, to both Cleveland, Ohio, and Buffalo, New York, and return and the Air Corps desires to avail itself of the shortest possible route which would involve the traversing Canadian territory for a portion of the way in each instance. Owing to the geographical location of Selfridge Field, a flight to Cleveland or Buffalo is about one hundred miles longer when made entirely over United States territory than if permitted to fly across the peninsula of Ontario.

“In view of the frequent necessity for these flights, the War Department would appreciate your requesting of the Canadian Government blanket permission, for a period of one year from July 1, 1932, for Army airplanes at Selfridge Field to make flights to Cleveland and Buffalo, and return, at such intervals as may be found necessary. [Page 99] across the peninsula of Ontario. Care would be exercised by pilots on flights over Canadian territory to comply with all regulations of the Canadian Government with reference to flying and only such landings would be made as would be caused by unavoidable engine or mechanical failure.”

Provided you perceive no objection to the proposal, please inquire whether the Canadian Government is disposed to grant the desired blanket permission.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Francis White