Executive Agreement Series No. 34


The Acting Secretary of State to the Canadian Minister (Herridge)

Sir: I am grateful for your courtesy in informing me by your note of May 5, 1932, of the technical plan which is being considered by the committee of the Canadian House of Commons as a means of providing Canada with satisfactory radio broadcasting coverage. You inquire whether the authorities of the United States can make the readjustment necessary to render certain channels available for effective use in Canada.

In reply, I am glad to inform you that as notice is given from time to time of the dates of changes to be made in the present operations of Canadian broadcasting stations to conform to the plan set out, this Government will be glad to make the necessary readjustments.

It is understood that, if as the result of the Madrid Conference, any additional channels are made available for broadcasting, a further [Page 95] allocation will be made, as between the United States and Canada, on an equitable basis.

Accept [etc.]

W. R. Castle, Jr.