661.9131/107a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Persia (Hart)

18. Your press review June 30.13 The Department has been surprised to learn that ratifications of the Perso-Soviet Convention were exchanged at Moscow on June 22, 1932, and regrets that the Legation did not consider it necessary, if this information is correct, to advise the Department thereof immediately by telegraph.

It was furthermore assumed from the last paragraph of your despatch No. 1159 of June 1513 that in accordance with your own suggestion you would, if necessary, request telegraphic instructions regarding your proposed note to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Since the Department had hitherto not been informed of the ratification by Russia of the Convention, an instruction mailed August 2 authorized you to present your note in slightly modified form immediately following ratification by the Soviet Government and before exchange of ratifications took place.

You should now telegraph the substance of the representations, if any, which you made to the Persian authorities upon the exchange of ratifications, and the present attitude of the Persian Government [Page 808] with respect to the Department’s position in the matter. It is assumed that with the exchange of ratifications the Convention has legally entered into force.

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