Executive Agreement Series No. 42


The Netherlands Minister (Van Royen) to the Secretary of State

No. 935

Sir: Pursuant to instructions received from my Government, I have the honor to enclose herewith copy of the Royal Decree of January 29, 1932,4 (Official Gazette No. 25) regarding load line regulations in the Netherlands, purporting modification of the Royal Decree of September 22, 1909, which was amended last by Royal Decree of November 4, 1926 and copy of which was transmitted to Your Excellency by my note of January 20, 1931, No. 113.5

According to this new Decree in certain cases a somewhat more lenient rule may be adopted in the Netherlands with regard to load line marks, provided this will not endanger ship and crew and will be in conformity with the minimum requirements as stipulated in the International Load Line Convention of London of July 5, 1930.

I may remark at the same time that the Netherland Government, according to this measure, has already put into force the stipulations of the London Convention before it has been ratified.

Please accept [etc.]

J. H. van Royen
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