Memorandum From the Italian Embassy2

In relation to the letter addressed to Secretary Stimson on August 1st 1932 by the Leaders of Anti-Fascist Italo-American groups it is to be observed:

the charge against the Royal Italian authorities to carry out a Fascist propaganda in the United States is so notoriously unfounded that it need not be disproved;
the “Federazione del Littorio” has absolutely no official character nor has it any connection either with the Representatives of the Fascist Party in Rome nor with the Royal diplomatic and Consular Officials in this country;
the statement that Vice Consuls Carodossi and Castellani have in any way taken part in or been present at the riot in the train from Staten Island on July 4, is false. In fact Signor Carodossi was not on the train, having taken the trip to Staten Island and back, by motor in company with Consul General Grazzi. As to Signor Castellani, who was travelling on the train, he did not witness the shooting as he was in the third, and not in the second car in which the incidents culminating in the killing of Salvatore Arena took place.

Concerning the arrest of Mr. Domenico Trombetta on charge of murder, no comment can be made, the case being in the hands of the [Page 456] Judicial authority, whose sentence is pending; however, circumstances seem to strongly indicate that the whole matter is a sinister scheme of Trombetta’s enemies.

  1. Left with the Under Secretary of State by the Italian Ambassador on August 4, 1932.