462.00R294/820: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Sackett) to the Secretary of State

178. The text of your 104, September 10, 2 p.m., was transmitted by me in a first person note.

Before the note was ready for delivery I was telephoned to by Ritter, head of the Economic Section of the Foreign Office, who asked if he could speak to me on a matter of some urgency. When I called upon him he immediately broached the subject and said in effect that as the German Government in its present request for postponement had withdrawn the reference to the German Embassy’s letter to the Department of State of May 26 he did not understand why the Treasury was not prepared to waive the 90 days’ notice.

I then delivered the note to him and upon a first perusal of it he stated that as far as he knew the German Embassy in Washington had not presented the facts to the Foreign Office as they are set forth in paragraph 3 of the Department’s telegram, i.e., he believed the Foreign Office had not been advised that the Treasury representatives had informed the German representatives that an exchange of letters might not be made setting forth the statement there referred to.

He undertook to give the note most careful study and to confer with me again in a day or two.