651.116/308: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Edge) to the Acting Secretary of State

248. Your 156, April 21, 6 p.m., M. Tardieu advised this morning that he was detained in Geneva and that our engagement must necessarily be postponed until early next week. In view of M. Tardieu’s suggestion that the method for future administration of the quota policy fixing a review of our contentions of unfairness in past application should be minutely studied by expert representatives of the Embassy and the French Government (see my 241 and 242 April 20th), I assume that the suggestions of the Department for future administration of the quota will, after a verbal exchange between M. Tardieu and myself, be referred to this proposed committee. It is most difficult to pin the Prime Minister down to details. If the plan is carried out I shall designate as the Embassy’s representatives Mr. Howell, First Secretary of Embassy, and Mr. F. W. Allport, Commercial Attaché, both of whom have been constantly in close touch with this problem. I am personally of the opinion that much more and satisfactory headway can be made by adopting the Tardieu proposal, which for the first time indicates a real desire to get together. The Department’s comprehensive suggestions will be very helpful and will of course be brought directly to the attention of Tardieu as soon as I am able to see him and all haste possible requested.

Reference the double taxation negotiations, the Department may be assured that we are in no way combining the two issues or consider their adjustment contingent upon each other. As correspondence already in the Department’s possession indicates and with millions of dollars in assessment on American interests involved, I have for months been almost constantly urging a settlement of the double taxation problem. While I do not wish to make any prophecies, having [Page 220] due regard to past experiences with our French friends, I am very hopeful that I shall be able to report soon to the Department an agreement on this question based entirely upon the Department’s telegram 485, October 9, 2 p.m.20 Any cessation of activity in this direction at this moment might be disadvantageous especially with French elections only a week off.

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