550.S1/115: Telegram

The Acting Chairman of the American Delegation to the General Disarmament Conference (Gibson) to the Secretary of State

372. In pursuance of telephone conversation with you today Davis telephoned Simon telling him he had reported to you his conversation of Saturday with him and that you had authorized him to tell Simon that you would be prepared to accept an invitation to participate in the Organizing Committee and Monetary and Economic Conference upon assurance that the Conference will not consider the question of debts and reparations nor questions of tariff rates as distinguished from general policy and furthermore that it be understood that the Conference will deal with “monetary matters including silver”. Simon said that he was in a thorough accord with the exclusions and inclusions indicated, that he would call in Hankey and others tomorrow to prepare invitations but that he would give you the assurance you desire before despatching the invitation so that you could accept without any hesitation or qualification which he deemed advisable.