462.00R296/4205: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium ( Gibson ) to the Acting Secretary of State

63. Reference is to my telegram No. 62 of June 29, 8 p.m.64 In the event that we need Belgian support for further steps, it will be helpful to me, and my hand will be strengthened if the Department can send an acknowledgment of the Belgian reply in the warmest possible terms. The Belgian Cabinet has run some considerable risk in making a favorable reply before the French decision is announced, in spite of French pressure, against the desires of public opinion and the press, and with the realization that they will have a fight to face the moment the text of the reply becomes known. If we can do anything [Page 179] without engaging ourselves as to details to support them in general terms it will have genuine value as moral support.

You can judge the sort of message which will have the desired effect. I would not of course suggest any definite assurances to the Belgians.

  1. Not printed.